Readers liked the complex 2019 novel “Shooting Europe” with its narrated letters –  Mike’s and Holly’s – intertwined with the plots of a drama-documentary being filmed for TV, while Mike’s ex-lover, Mopsa, lunatic artist, pursues them from L A  to Europe.

Now here is Mike’s short, satirical, blackly comic narrative on its own, without Holly’s personal story or the plots that made up the TV programmes.

Homesick and unhappy, Mike breaks free from Mopsa, invests in a BBC TV series  and returns home.  Mopsa pursues him to New York and London. With fanatical schlock artists, she aims to create a grotesque and hidden sensation for later generations to find – a witness that she and Mike are going, at last, to be together forever.

But nothing goes as planned for any of them……


ISBN: 978-1-9164295-5-0 (Amazon £4.99 paperback, £2.99 Kindle)

Published 5th June 2020




“Wicked sense of humour” “Riveting. It  shocks, surprises and entertains on every line” (Amazon)

“Highly recommended” “A real page-turner” “Humorous, shocking and bizarre” “Remarkably intelligent and observant” (Goodreads)

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