A love story and revenge thriller, satirical about modern concept art and TV docu-drama, told in first-person narratives.

Part 1: Escaping from Hell. From Cleeve Rehabilitation Centre, Sussex, England, Mike tells Holly, in Ventura, California, about his vile and miserable life in Los Angles before they met.

In the Fall of 1999, Mike was in a destructive relationship with obsessive extreme schlock concept artist Mopsa Greene. When a chance came to use his real estate wealth to invest in a childhood friend’s BBC TV drama series, Shooting Europe, he seized on it as a means of escape from her and from America. He falls in love with script-editor Holly, but he would not be able to shake Mopsa off so easily. 

Part 2: Coming Alive. Holly responds. Nowadays, she works in publishing and lives at home in Ventura with her parents.

In London, attacks on Holly began, and she had a sudden frightening insight. There were connections between these and the Shooting Europe stories: stepping-stones leading to mutilation and death. 

Part 3: Dying for Art. Mike’s explanation, in what he calls ‘the longest love-letter’ of everything that Holly had not known at the time.

Mike also had perception far too late to help him, or to stop a bizarre escalation of manic comic/horror schlock art enacted in a London gallery and in the Millennium Dome culminating in a horrifying secret which has still not been discovered……..

A downloadable extract is available HERE

SHOOTING EUROPE is available on Kindle and as a paperback from Amazon and and from Witley Press bookshop on-line. (692 pages, £3.99 paperback, £1.99 ebook.)


“Savagely comic and comically savage; Simon Potter is one of my favourite comic writers”
(Bruno Vincent: author of ‘Five on Brexit Island’, ‘Five get on the Property Ladder’, ‘Tales from Tumbleweed’ and ‘School for Villains’)  

“Takes a wrecking-ball to the modern art movement. A high-paced, beautifully observed satire, and marvellous piece of writing; brash and outrageous, with a delicious freak-show of characters”
Michael Reeves: author of ‘Man in the Red Jacket’) 

‘Funny, grotesque and scathing; it made me laugh out loud!”
(J P Lomas: author of ‘The Maggie Murders’, ‘Special Measures’, ‘Murder at Her Majesty’s Pleasure’, ‘Whodunnit’.)

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