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Dressing As Julia was a finalist in the 2023 Amazon Global Book Awards

This passionate teenage romance brings together things remembered from boarding-school days, things glimpsed and overheard during directing nearly 70 youth theatre productions and times spent in New York and fascinating Nova Scotia. The novel looks at a spectrum of relationships among high school pupils and their teachers, from life-long, quiet devotion to obsessive, short-lived and unhappy infatuation. Homosexually inclined teenage boys are often drawn to drama, and I have directed many interesting and pleasant ones over the years, so I wanted to portray them sympathetically and realistically in this story.

Kids in the 1950s and ‘60s loved diecast models. This book is about that generation’s fascination with weight, with over 100 colour photographs of the products of Trix, Hornby-Dublo, Graham Farish, Dinky, Shackleton, Corgi, Britains and more.

Anthony is fascinated by his grandfather’s magnificent haunted house. He teaches there and then turns it into a museum – but the dark force has not gone

Mike, Anthony’s brother, escapes from lunatic artist Mopsa in California. She pursues him to London where she hatches a plot to keep them together forever.

“Dark Lines” is a selection of poems, originally from a collection published in 2008, each  being the outcome of dreams, nightmares and the darkness.

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