London boy, Anthony, spends the summer holidays of the 1960s at Glenturret, his grandfather’s magnificent haunted Scottish country house. Anthony develops an obsessive fascination for the place, and, when it is sold and becomes a small boarding school, he goes into its Sixth Form. Eventually he teaches there until a horrifying mystery forces it to close. With his inheritance on his grandfather’s death, Anthony buys Glenturret and turns it into a recording studio, then a museum – but the dark force has not gone……

Anthony’s high-spirited happiness does not help him to spot the mysterious and  extraordinary changes to come. 

A downloadable extract is available HERE

And another downloadable extract is available HERE

Available on-line from Amazon and Witley Press Bookshop: 423 page paperback £4.99, Kindle £2.99   (ISBN:  978-1-9164295-2-9)




“The best read I’ve had in twelve months” (Mike Herschell)

“Whisks the reader effortlessly from a sunny ‘60s boyhood into the 21st century.” (The Hill)

“This sort of novel is the best kind of history.” (F. Pinto, BBC World Service)

“I  liked the obvious relish in story-telling, the nostalgia for lost youth and the humour of the style.” (The Month)

“Explores that strange dimension of time seen through memory. I found it impossible to put down.” (Q de la Bedoyere)

“I was maimed by excessive laughing. Tears blotted out the text” (A Brook)

“I had expected it to be funny – and it was – but I was unprepared for the pathos.” (Dom Luke Bell OSB)

“The word that best describes the writing is ‘vibrant’. It’s pulsating with life and energy. Terrific!” (P J Holt)

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